Research chemicals are human-made substances created to provide effects that are similar to various psychoactive drugs. They tend to be inexpensive to make and purchase, and they provide an intense high that makes them desirable. Research chemicals are synthetic or designer drugs and are included in the classification of new psychoactive substances (NPS).

Research chemicals can be synthetic versions of legitimate research or prescription drugs, or they can be the active ingredient found in other synthetic drugs. However, the labeling is often misleading, and research chemicals tend to contain different drug types or doses than what is listed.

While these drugs are called “research chemicals,” they are designed and sold for recreational purposes. They are simply labeled as research chemicals to avoid classification as controlled or illegal substances. Manufacturers often use currently legal chemicals and commonly change the drugs from batch to batch to avoid legal repercussions.

The use of research chemicals has the potential to lead to addiction and overdose. Professional treatment provides support to overcome a dependence on these drugs and stop behaviors associated with addiction.

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