Awesome product, reliable and serious website... nothing more to say
Arrived here in oz in 5 days. 10/10 would recommend. Took 50mg and it unkd me. I'm also 6ft and 95kgs. Will definitely order some more and up the dosage. Hard to explain the feeling, pretty much like MDMA and Meth just better if that makes sense. Your mileage may vary
First rc I have ever tested on my lab rats. They really had a great time on 150mg. They were all able to sleep well after the doses wore off. About 8-10hrs. 2 thumbs up !!!
uncle sam
Hi there, so fast and good package, amazing quality ty
Not bad, not good. Just "regular". Kinda see your rats having sex with this (like on 3-MMC).
mas suave que las setas, muy manejable, es difícil que tus ratas lo pasen mal
Helped me greatly with my research. My trip through the lab was great and intense!
1/4 plus some thc is just amazing
Pleaaaaseee get it in stock!! <3
Test review and also please restock the sales in my country mark this up 300%
this is the best psihedelic ever please restock
petre florin daniel
arrived in 1 week very fast delivery. and i tried last week. 1p-lsd gives headache to my guinea pig head but ald-52 doesn't cause such an annoying side effect. so, i hope it will be in stock soon again. peace
hello kitty
compared to 1P-LSD - hard to tell since both seem to be quite similar and somehow original, but still distinguishable in my mind. Anyway, currently I prefer ALD-52 for laboratory work. Kind of an all-time favourite...
Excellent compound, results can appear with 25µg, The research was very interesting. Thx
Fast delivery, as always. After 3 days of research, i can say: The liquid is very potent. But did the rats like it? Hmm, they seemed to be deranged and have a strange feeling. It seemed to be no fun, nothing bad. Not really comparable to good natural research material. Will keep something for some outside research in the summer. Till then, 4/5, because the potencial.
Prof. Frink
The best cannabinoid on the market. It Will be Wonderful if the liquid havn't any flawers to study it. And if Chem soldes the 5F-mdmb PINACA in pownder. Use strict protection for this substance: it is very very potent. Chems.ue needs to sold this cannabinoid in pownder form to be the Fist RC vendor. There is a lot of scientist Who need it.
Impressive, Rats tells me that's not exactly like weed but very close. J'ai commencé mes expériences à 3 gouttes dans 1,6ml et je suis monté jusqu'à 12, les résultats sont encourageant, les doses semblent pouvoir être augmentées progressivement jusqu'à atteindre ceux de la plante. Pas d'effets secondaire, descente normale après une ou deux heures, pas de conjonctivite, bonne sensation de faim et de plenitude. Bref, à recommander.
The best vendor at the moment, insured order always arrives on time, and the quality is phenomenal.
Clonazolam pellets delivered within 4 working days. Excellent packaging. Opi, my slightly insomniac rat, was given half a pill around 7 pm and the other half 2 hours later. Sedation, anxiety reduction and light impaired coordination occured. The sedative effect is no joke and Opi slept a straight 7 hours. He usually sleeps 4 or 5 discontinued hours. No problem observed the following morning. Although I would not recommend Clonazolam if you are to drive a long journey, take an exam or run a marathon the next day. I read as many studies and user tips as I can in order to preserve Opi’s good health so please keep in mind the molecule is fairly strong and should not be overdosed, mixed with alcohol or with any other drug.
After some troubles with the bitcoin paysite linked to this site i decided to create my own wallet and by bitcoins first and pay through bitcoins itself. Worked like a charm. Last night my rat took half a pill for sleep. Damn this stuff feels great. will do some research on a whole pill this friday. Once payment was received by the site it was at my home in 1 day! This is my 7th order at this site and everytime its done what it schould have done!
Fuck you Joe, i got less than what i ordered man! was suppose to be 30g but i only got 26 and yes i had to double check. I want my extra 4g man
This was like a joke, thought you guys wouldn't ome through with my order. had to give it a try with your minimum order and it actually came through to my address, uptill now i think this is a joke. You actually kept to your words. i'll order more and thanks for the good services.

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