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Bromo-DragonFLY is a psychedelic drug related to the phenethylamine family. Bromo-DragonFLY is considered a potent hallucinogen, having around one third the potency of LSD with a normal dose in the region of 200 μg to 800 μg, and it has an extremely long duration of action, up to several days. .
Molar mass294.14 g/mol
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Bromo-DragonFLY (also known as DOB-DragonFLY or simply B-DFLY or Dragonfly) is a synthetic psychedelic substance of the substituted amphetamine and phenethylamine chemical classes. It produces an array of extremely dose-sensitive psychedelic effects when administered. It was first synthesized in 1998 by Matthew Parker from DOB-FLY..

Bromo-DragonFLY is extremely potent and produces unusually long effects which reportedly can last up to several days. It is considered to have one-third the potency of LSD by weight, making it remarkably potent relative to the vast majority of psychedelics.[.

Due to its high potency and unpredictable dose-response, many reports indicate that the effects of this substance may end up being overly difficult to use safely for those who are not already experienced with hallucinogens. Specifically, given that the dosage and duration of this substance have yet not been fully determined, users are advised to start at the lowest possible, intake only through the oral routes of administration, and never re-dose during any time throughout the experience.

Very little is known about the pharmacology, metabolism and toxicity about Bromo-DragonFLY in humans. It briefly gained popularity among research chemicals circa 2010 until several deaths occurred after the substance was accidentally mislabeled and sold as 2C-B-FLY, leading to its prohibition..

Bromo-DragonFLY has never been documented as being sold on the street and has seemingly stopped production on research chemicals gray market. Due to its novelty and extremely short history of human usage, all information related to the use of this compound should be received with extreme caution. It is strongly recommended that one use the utmost harm reduction practices if choosing to take this substance.

Threshold 75 – 100 µg
Light 100 – 300 µg
Common 300 – 500 µg
Strong 500 – 750 µg
Heavy 750 µg +
Total 1 – 4 days
Onset 2 – 7 hours
Come up 3 – 6 hours
Peak 6 – 12 hours
Offset 3 – 8 hours
After effects 12 – 36 hours
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