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1P-LSD produces LSD-like effects with 38% the potency of LSD and it is therefore classed as a serotonergic hallucinogen.



1B-LSD, or full name: 1-butanoyl-lysergic acid diethylamide is a similar product to: 1P-LSD

1B-LSD was made to replace 1P-LSD in countries where it is controlled. Less potency on paper so have a dose per blotters of 125mcg.

Please Research Chemicals carefully. No human consumption!


Binding affinities of LSD for various receptors. The lower the dissociation constant (Ki), the more strongly LSD binds to that receptor (i.e. with higher affinity). The horizontal line represents an approximate value for human plasma concentrations of LSD, and hence, receptor affinities that are above the line are unlikely to be involved in LSD’s effect. Data averaged from data from the Ki Database.

LSD, or d-lysergic acid diethylamide, is a semisynthetic substance of the lysergamide family. LSD’s chemical structure consists of a bicyclic hexahydroindole ring fused to a bicyclic quinoline group (lysergic acid). At carbon 8 of the quinoline an N,N-diethyl carboxamide is bound. LSD is additionally substituted at carbon 6 with a methyl group.

LSD is a chiral compound with two stereocenters at R5 and R8. LSD, also called (+)-D-LSD, has an absolute configuration of (5R, 8R). The three other stereoisomers of LSD do not have psychoactive properties..

In its pure form, LSD occurs as a colorless, odorless crystal.[..LSD is sensitive to oxygen, ultraviolet light, and chlorine (especially in solution).. Its potency may last for years if it is stored away from light and moisture at cold temperatures around 0°C or below, but will slowly degrade at normal room temperature (25°C).

Bioavailability 71% – 71%[1]
Threshold 15 µg
Light 25 – 75 µg
Common 75 – 150 µg
Strong 150 – 300 µg
Heavy 300 µg +
Total 8 – 12 hours
Onset 15 – 30 minutes
Come up 45 – 90 minutes
Peak 3 – 5 hours
Offset 3 – 5 hours
After effects 12 – 48 hours
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