Payment Methods


We Accept Bitcoin payment, payment can be confirmed instantly (Within 5 Minutes Maximum). If you’ve never used Bitcoin before, don’t worry it’s a simple process. Visit the link below to read more on how to do the payment with bitcoin

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we do not accept card payments directly on our website, all orders has to be discreet, as we take our customers privacy very serious. To pay with your card, you’ll have to use a third party website. 

Read more on how to pay with your card after placing an order with us.

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Worldremit payments can be done online with your Visa/Mastercard. it’s one the fastest way to send money, we accept worldremit payment and confirmation could take upto 24 hours sometimes. 

Read more on how to do the payment via worldremit.

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We accept Western Union. Payment via western union takes upto 1 hour to confirm payment. Read more on how to do the payment via western union with your card online or at a store located close to you.

Visit the link below on how to pay through western union

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Open a Ticket if you have any further questions >>> Submit Ticket

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